Observation Date: 04/10/2020

Up Burr point, down South face, then up and down the North shoulder of Castle Crag in Fred Burr creek.



New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:
Lots of naturals from the past week in Fred Burr. The largest were on shaded aspects, but there were also wet slabs up to a foot deep on solar aspects. I dug several pits on shaded aspects above 7,000 feet and found dry snow below the surface, and preserved facets. I was getting propagation and clean, energetic shears at test scores of 9 – 15 (wrist to light elbow taps) 2 – 2.5 feet down. In summary, as far as I can tell, this week’s warm tempertures did not do much to stablize the snowpack. I was pretty spooked, and stayed off wind loaded terrain over 30 degrees on shaded aspects. All in all a heads up day, especially since the snow now feels generally stable.

Other Comments:

Observer: Brian Story