Observation Date: 12/12/2020

Skied E aspects at 8’500 feet off of Sweeney Ridge. Approach on the south side of the ridge was pretty bare until about 7400.

Light snow all day, mild winds.


New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
No slab avalanches observed. Some natural sluffs in very steep terrain. Small skier triggered sluffs in terrain above 35 degrees, running on new/old snow interface.

Other Comments:
Dug 2 pits, E Aspect 8500 feet. HS 150-160 cm.

1st: CT no result, ECT 15 N down 60 cm. Shovel shear test produced an energetic release on this layer after a real hard pull.

2nd: CT 26, down 60 cm. ECT N (didn’t write down the number) same layer.

Storm snow was sluffing easily on sun-affected aspects, but seemed to be bonded better where there wasn’t a crust underneath.

Observer: Derek Pansze