Observation Date: 12/26/2020

Yurt Ski: Chads Shoulder, OG Burnt Trees, Supernatural skiers right

Cloudy with snow. Light winds.

Light to moderate winds. Some snow transport and cornice formation. No noticeable wind slabs.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
No recent avalanches seen.

Other Comments:
ENE Slope 7800′ ECTP 27 on facets 30cm from the ground.
E 7200′ Slope ECTX

The EXTP27 on the ENE slope had some good energy to it when it finally propagated keeping our decision making conservative and sticking to slopes 35 deg and under.

A dense 4″ fell Saturday night keeping us to slopes 35 deg and under again on Sunday.

There was a crust near the surface on S facing slopes. We did not dig on S facing slopes but would guess it might be a drastically different snowpack.

Observer: Brad Maddock