Observation Date: 12/24/2020

Futzing around the apron of the S facing slide paths on Pyramid.

Sun, wind appeared to be stiff on the ridges.


New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No recent avalanches observed but did note a cornice fall into the S facing starting zone off Pyramid. Produced a small sluff, maybe 50’ wide that fizzled out after 50’ or so. Dug on a NNW at lower elevation and got an ECTP15 with full propagation and Q2 shear on facets about 30cm from the ground. The rain crust was stout but not active for me. I didn’t observe any obvious red flags where I traveled but the snow feels hollow. Very low snow in runout zones—anything running longer up in the Swan is going to result in a bumpy ride.

Other Comments:
Everything sun affected below about 7000’ and small surface hoar present in sheltered areas.

Observer: Dustin McHenry