Observation Date: 01/07/2021


Cloudy, foggy, super-saturated air.


New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
None, no cracking in recent snow. No evidence of recent or old activity.

Other Comments:
East face at 7300′. total height of snow 175 cm.
ECTN7 at 165cm
ECTN11 at 157cm
these two layers were cohesionless. None of the deeper layers that were evident in the pit wall were reactive in two ECT tests we performed in the same pit.
There was a deep layer of concern at 50 cm., with a 125 cm slab of most of the years snowpack on top of it, that had our attention. This is likely early Dec facets. That layer did collapse in a CT test, CT21. The shear was not of smooth quality, Q2, and did not release with energy.

Observer: Ian M