Observation Date: 01/10/2021

Toured and dug in South-East and North aspects.

Temps over the weekend were in the mid teens to upper 20s. Skies mostly scattered with some solar influence today, but not enough to really warm up the snow surface. Winds were calm to light out of the west. No precipitation.


New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
SPX: this zone is still very shallow and it was hard to find more than 100cm of snow in the limited areas we travel. Snow depths varied from ~75cm to ~100cm. Widespread surface hoar had formed in most areas. Our 2 Primary concerns were a buried surface hoar laver 19-27cm down and facets and depth hoar down 50-70cm. The lower elevation (6800′) slopes had more prominent crust layers. There, the upper failure was on surface hoar below a crust.

6800′ N 28* HS-80

CT26SC down 27cm on SH below MFcr (RB6x2 MB)
CT30SC down 70cm on DHch (10mm)

7500′ SE 12* HS-105

CT19SC down 19 on SH (4mm)
CT23SC down 50 on FC (2-3mm)
ECTP down 50
PST (45/100) ,end down 50

Observer: George D’Angelo