Observation Date: 01/18/2021


Light snow + graybird.

Very light wind.

New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
None. No big avalanche episode this week.

Other Comments:
Light rain crust below ~6600′ with at least 8″ snow on it. The crust didn’t really detract from the snow quality. More new snow above this elevation.
ECT performed on east aspect at 7200′. 175 cm total snow.
ECTN7 163 cm
ECTN14 150 cm
ECTN20 137 cm
It wasn’t clear what these initiating but non-propagating layers were other than density changes in this weeks snow.
The layer of most concern was the buried surface hoar from last week which was 43 cm deep. It did not pop in the ECT but came off clean when the column was pried from the back. That layer had enough energy when it released that is impressed us enough to stick to relatively low angle terrain.

Observer: Ian M