Observation Date: 01/19/2021

Above Alpine Yurt in the OG burnt trees south east of Morrell mtn.

Partly cloudy 20 degrees

Light winds below ridge line. No transport of snow except at ridge line 8,000ft.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Observed a widespread layer of crust which had bound well after the 1/17 snow event, which dropped about 8-10 inches new over the area.

Column test ECTN14 approx 30 degrees SE aspect below ridge line. Crust is thin but pencil hardness. This did not affect the quality of skiing. Triggered some loose dry sloughing in one isolated area well below the ridge line in steep open, 45 degree terrain near exposed rocks/cliffs. Slide was very small and ran for about 50-75ft, 4-6 in deep.

Other Comments:

Observer: Dave Smith