Observation Date: 01/17/2021

West Aspect of Brushy Fork Creek

28 Degrees with heavy snow and light wind.

Light Wind

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Performed Extended Column Test on East Face of Brush Fork Creek at 6400 Feet on 33 degree slope. No signs of recent avalanche activity in the area.

Snow Depth was 165 CM. Top Six Inches of new snow from Friday and Saturday Night/Sunday Morning collapsed on isolation but did not propagate across whole column. Think this was due to either errant shovel placement or the steepness of the pit as this layer collapse later at an ECT 25. Rain Crust from last week was substantial and up to 1/2 Inch think with a 1 inch layer of large faceted snow below.
Additional crust at 115 CM most likely from the high pressure in mid December. This layer was unresponsive in our ECT but did collapse and propagate on shovel shear test.

Other Comments:
The South West Aspects on the Idaho Montana border above Elk Meadows had clearly seen tremendous winds and were very wind scoured.

Observer: Jason Harby