Observation Date: 01/23/2021

We climbed from the lower trailhead at 5300′, along Camas Creek to the second Camas Lake, and up the East-running ridge to the summit of Camas Point.

Mostly sunny. The top 400′ of terrain (above 8400′) socked in with localized orographic fog. Light winds.

Light winds below ridge/summit. No wind transport observed. Sasturgi

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
None. Old rolling snowballs from steep/rocky S. exposures that had warmed.

We dug our pit at 8400′ on ESE aspect 30 degrees. The snow is 195 cm deep. Extended column test to 150 cm found no failures through 30. Used the shovel blade to pry, dislodged the upper 25 cm on a clean plane. Interface was clean (no facets) and marked only a slight increase in hardness with depth. Underlying snow was well bonded to 140 cm where it met with early season rotten/faceted snow. Additional prying with the shovel blade caused no further planar failures.

Other Comments:
Rain crust was present to about 7200-7400′.

Overall well bonded and consistent snowpack compared to what we’ve seen at lower elevations this year.

Observer: David Ketchum