Observation Date: 01/23/2021

dug a couple pits in the slope to the north of the lower rumble creek lake ( South Facing). Both pits had weak faceted layers at the ground surface. THe pit closer to the lake was around 160cm and essentially consolidated as a slab down to the faceted layer. It was difficult to get the column to propagate but eventually it did propagate at the ground surface. Higher up on the slope as the snowpack got shallower we dug another pit around 90cm deep. This also had the faceted layer at the ground surface, and was more or less a consolidated slab from the surface to the faceted layer. This column propagated across the entire extended column at the ground surface after 6 taps of the wrist. We decided it was a little too risky to continue on to RUmble Creek Falls and headed back.

One thing we did notice was that slopes which saw the sun (slopes out of the bowl surrounding the lake) were fairly stable with no weak layers at the ground surface. Roller balls were present on these slopes.



New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
We saw a crown on a north facing slope while approaching the lower lake.

Observer: Mike Mayen