Observation Date: 01/23/2021

Obs from Lost Trail Pass

Partly Cloudy Skies, Clearing throughout the day. Temp -8*C


New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:

Other Comments:
20210123 1400 ~7000′ 18* E aspect
Partly cloudy and clearing throughout the day
Winds Calm, Tair – @1230 -7C, @1400 -8C

Hs 105
CT21SC 25cm down on SH
CT28SC 45cm down on SH
able to collapse FC/DH layer on CT31SC 75cm down

ECTP22 45cm down, In another pit nearby HS90 ECTP30 down 55cm on DH
RB5 WB 45cm down upon further jumps the 25cm layer failed in partial block

on south aspect:
CT23SP down 17cm (X2)
CT23SP down 30cm

General Obs:
HS 90-150cm
2 finger hard layers above PWLs one at 17-25cm(SH), one at 30-45cm(SH)
1 pencil hard layer above PWLs at 55-75cm(FC/DH)
All of these layers exhibited Sudden Fractures in some CTs

with these layers stacked on top of each it seems that there is potential for an
avalacnhe to step down to deeper layers if an avlanche were to be triiggered.

There was wide variability in our test results

Observer: George Dangelo