Observation Date: 01/17/2021

Flint Creek Mountain Range
Cut trees out of trail up to a bowl and was sitting at the base of hill and the avalanche started on one side and in 3 different spots the hillside slid
No one was injured or hurt close call the weather was about 20 degrees and snowing and really windy

About 20 degrees snowing cloudy and windy

Windy l
Frozen lakes had all snow blown off of them

New Snow:

Avalanche Activity:
Didn’t see the first avalanche seen the second one and was caught in the third one
Could barely see the top of the hill because of how cloudy it was, the base of the hill is around 8200 feet and the top of the hill is at 9400 feet (I’ve climbed the hill in the previous year) guessing the hill is about 38 degrees.
The width of all 3 slides is 1000 feet but the entire hillside slide at 3 different times in 2 minutes the snow was about 5 feet deep with the way the weather has been the avalanche was most likely trigger by the sounds of our sleds a weak layer in the snow and the wind blowing snowing and piling it at the top just below the cornice.
My friend has it on video and the third slide took 10 seconds to get from the top of the hill to the bottom

Other Comments:

Observer: Jason Burks Burks