Observation Date: 01/30/2021

Sweeney TH to summit.

20s, with winds in the terrain.

Noticeable but small amount of wind transport above 8300′.

New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
No sign of avalanche activity.

Other Comments:
Pit just east of Sweeney ridge point 8521′, east aspect, 25 deg. Snow depth 150 cm. ECTN6 on new powder snow 10 cm depth. No further results in ECT. Pried with shovel and caused propagated failure on facets at depth, 140 cm. Overall the snowpack from 10 cm – 140 cm is well bonded, but more sugary and weak feeling than the pit at 8400′ on Camas Pt we dug a week ago.

Found shooting cracks on new thin wind deposits in exposed terrain above 8600′.

7500′ to 8000′ (approx) the ski pole felt the resistance of the top layer of mid-January dense, wind-deposited snow, before punching through to weak sugar underneath.

North bowl of Sweeney is blown free of snow.

Observer: David Ketchum