Observation Date: 01/31/2021

We skied back to N Bass peak and bounced our way to Lappi point. I skied around Lappi point the day prior (1/30) to suss out conditions on SW and SE aspects for the bowl bounce.

Clear and calm.

Light winds, high ridges in the center of the range were flagging with the new snow.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
The new snow has bonded well. On 1/30 We performed 2 ECT tests on Lappi point. ECTP10 on a wind-loaded 35 degree SE slope @ 8400′, down 6 cm on the new snow. We avoided the steep open roll over on the upper bit of the SE ramp into Kootenai, but otherwise observed no red flags. We then moved over to the SW and found less new snow (2-4 cm) and no propagation in the ECT. On the bowl bounce we observed stable conditions and with hints of spring poking its neck out.

Other Comments:
We observed a fairly deep glide avalanche near the head of Bass creek (I think this has slid in the past) which looks to have slid mostly on water ice, in addition to the cornice fall mentioned in the forecast just a bit further down the canyon. Also, I observed glide cracks starting to open just SW of Bass lake @~7,200′, N facing, at some steep roll overs. Cornices are getting voluptuous!

Observer: Ned Gall