Observation Date: 02/16/2014

Headed up Bass Creek, via the trail, to the dam.

Increasing wind and snowfall as we got closer to the lake. Snowfall at dam limited visibility to less than 60 yards at times.

Gusting wind out of the west.

New Snow: 3-6″

Avalanche Activity:
Several of the gullies on the north side of Bass Creek (in the last mile before the lake) have slid in the last 48 hours. Much debris and broken/laid over trees were visible. See photo.

Other Comments:
Dug a pit on a south facing 25 degree slope at 6700′ adjacent to debris from recent avalanche and immediately east of Bass Lake outflow. 225cm of snowpack. CT8 @20cm Q2 with lower 7cm having slab properties. Additional, simultaneous failures CT13 @35 and 50cm Q1-. Deeper layer (70cm?) failed CT20 Q1.

Although we did not hear whumphing, the snowpack had a hollow quality as we broke trail above 6600′.

Observer: Joshua Phillips

Debris from recent slide

Location of pit

CT13 @35cm Q1