Observation Date: 02/08/2014

Bitterroots south of Hwy 12

Snowy and cold


New Snow: 6-12″

Avalanche Activity:
None seen.

Other Comments:
We dug a pit and performed 3 tests on a 35 degree east slope at 6900′ in sparse trees. The faceted layer from the January dry spell was readily apparent with facet grains falling out of the pit wall while digging. Approx 2 ft of mostly unconsolidated snow on top of the layer. Our feeling was it is a uncharacteristically bad layer for around here, but the slab on top of it had not developed yet and was not transmitting force. There was no cracking or whoompf as we skied.
CT23 Q1
ECTX no propagation
RB4 Q1

Observer: Ian M