Observation Date: 03/13/2014

The main concern today was possible rapid warming due to solar gain on south slopes. Touring up Blodgett Canyon, there was evidence of numerous slides on both aspects north and south for the majority of the tour, evidently from the warm up and rain event earlier this week. 7 miles in at the Printz Peak slide paths, we found evidence of old and new slides some running full path the majority no more than half path, which in the case of Printz Peak east is huge. It appeared there was cornice failure on Printz Peak that propagated full length, entrained in the gully, 3,000′ slides. At the top of the peak there was evidence of smaller wet slides from probably the day before. We found stable conditions due to wind cooling at upper and mid elevations, with a rotten and unstable layer at the prominent rollover at 6,300′ which popped a small wet slide in steeper, hot, south facing terrain. While much of the big cornice had broken there was still big chunks that looked promising for another warm up release. Corn snow development to 7,000′ was good, above still mushy and settling.

Mostly sunny, ceiling at 10,000-11,000, rapid low elevation cloud movement due to moderately strong winds. Freezeline around 7,000′

Moderately strong west wind.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
On All aspects many recent wet slides running generally about half path, some to Canyon floor though

Other Comments:

Observer: John Lehrman