Observation Date: 03/09/2014

Gash Point in Bitterroots. Skiing on the east facing bowl.

Overcast with periods of light snow above 7000′ and rain below. Moderate wind generally from the west.


New Snow: 0-3″

Avalanche Activity:
Debris from point releases occurring Saturday on east facing headwall.

Pit test:

8000′ East aspect.

The main layer of concern noted in the pit was a buried crust now about 1′ down. The crust had good strength in the ECT, with no failure in the test, and little propagation. Something to look for though once buried deeper. Top 3″ was failing easily, although no propagation.

Other Comments:
Rain line was just above 7000’… snow below that was grabby and seemed to have been rained on through most of the night as well.

Still a good amount of snow at the lower Gash Point trailhead, we were happy to have parked 1.5mile back where the plowing stopped.

Observer: Blake Votilla