Observation Date: 04/09/2014

Climbed and skied the east and west Couloirs on Graywolf Peak, accessed via riddell lakes basin.

Rain/grappel mix below 6800 feet in the morning. Little to no snowfall above 6800 feet. Mostly cloudy, some intermittent sun. Mountains did not experience a very strong refreeze Tuesday night.

Moderate wind. Strong wind gusts at times, primarily from the west but some from the south. Approx. 1 inch reactive wind slab in both east and west couloirs.

New Snow: No New Snow

Avalanche Activity:
Wet slide debris below pretty much all steep east, south, and west facing terrain, presumably from the warm afternoons on monday 7th and tuesday 8th.

The west couloir slid pretty substantially and a prominent runnel is present in the lower half of the couloir, up to 3 feet deep in places. Considerably less debris below the east couloir and a very minor runnel forming. Small cornice above east couloir but manageable on skier’s left.

Stability was very good.

Other Comments:
Road to St. Mary’s reservoir is snow free and passable to any vehicle. Mostly snow to the Twin Lakes sign and passable to moderate-high clearance vehicles. Plowing ends a half mile past the Twin Lakes sign and then there is too much snow to drive. Gonna be a couple weeks (or a plow?) until the P-5000 shortcut is an option.

Observer: Andrew Mayer