Observation Date: 02/11/2014

G spot/ SW aspect West of the main ridge

Heavy snow fall. 5-7 inches from the previous night. Moderate westerlies. Snowed 2-3 inches from 6:30-8:30AM

fairly dense wind slabs on the main ridge wind 10-15mph westerly

New Snow: 3-6″

Snow Density:

Avalanche Activity:
Small localized wet surface snow was breaking easily on Southerly aspects even on low angle about 20cm deep CT12 20cm. Q2 ice crust, ECTX17 Q3 15cm. storm interface. Although our CT test was weak we could not get it to fail again on our ECT test on the same ice crust. Persistent deep weak layer at 130cm not reactive in our tests. Tests done on a slope angle of 30 deg.

Observed Danger Rating:

Other Comments:

Observer: Ben Hoiness