Observation Date: 02/24/2014

Yurtski- Southern Swan Range, skin track set from Lupine Yurt to Morrell Lookout and beyond along ridgetop

6,600 ft Lupine Yurt, no wind 18+ inches from Sunday (2:00 pm)2/23-2/24 (7:00 am)

2/24 snowed additional 4-6 inches storm total +/- 24 inches in 36 hrs, extremely light snow with no wind transport

2/25 and 2/26 high pressure crept in and solar radiation began to warm the surface of the new snow, light breeze cooled the snow and created a zipper crust 1/4 inch thick on east, south aspects

evidence of minor sloughing from rock out croppings and trees dropping roller balls

temps approx in the teens

no wind below ridges, ridge top winds very light

New Snow: 12+”

Avalanche Activity:
east aspect, 30 degree slope, elevation approx. 7,600 ft. ECT 20, very low energy,approx 4 ft in the pit we found buried surface hoar most likely leftover from high pressure

snowpack depth approx. 7 ft

Other Comments:

Observer: Mark Waller