Program Staff Feedback Form

  • Winter 2022/2023

    Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback. Your feedback is critical and essential to program development. We look forward to hearing from you and following up.
  • Enter the best number to reach you at, preferably a cell phone number.
  • Please select from the following options. If you served in multiple roles, please choose the position you spent the most time in this season.
  • Please summarize or outline your roles and responsibilities below for the 2022/2023 operating season (i.e., November 1st, 2022 - April 15th, 2023).
  • Did onboarding and ongoing communication meet your needs and expectations? Did you find procedural information readily accessible and consistent with directives? Please elaborate if yes or no.
  • Did your supervisor provide you with timely feedback, directions, and resources when needed or requested? Please elaborate if yes or no.
  • Did you feel supported in your role(s)? Were your assignments communicated clearly, and were they adequately staffed? Did you have access to the equipment, tools, and resources needed to carry out your assigned duties? Please elaborate if yes or no.
  • Were you able to work successfully within team settings, or did you find it challenging? This question applies to remote, virtual, and in-person environments. Please elaborate if yes or no.
  • Did you experience any challenges or unexpected situations that required immediate problem-solving in the field or classroom? Please elaborate if yes or no.
  • Please self-evaluate and summarize your performance this season. Please reflect on and include areas you did well, where you hope to improve and the next steps related to training and professional development.
  • What were your favorite moments, achievements, or memorable highlights from this season?
  • What programmatic goals would you like the avalanche center or education program to focus on in the off-season or devote more time, attention, and resources to next year?
  • Would you like to work again next season in the avalanche forecasting or education program? If yes, what role(s) would you like to return to or explore in the future? Additionally, is further professional development needed to serve in this capacity? Please note and elaborate on any pertinent details.
  • Please use the space below to note or detail any additional information. Thank you!!