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Snowpack Update

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Snowpack Discussion  The snowpack continues to evolve in West Central Montana. In late January, our primary avalanche concern was persistent slab avalanches failing on facets at the bottom of the

01-24-20 Snowpack Update Image

01-24-20 Snowpack Update

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Avalanche conditions from January 11th until January 24th have been at considerable danger, trending towards moderate danger. We are currently most concerned with persistent weak layers, failing near the ground on depth hoar and facets. The second

Snowpack Upadate 01/10/2020 Image

Snowpack Upadate 01/10/2020


1-10-20 Snowpack Update After the winter solstice, we got a small snowstorm that deposited a few inches of snow and a crust layer on the top of the snowpack. Before

Snowpack Summery 12/24/2019 Image

Snowpack Summery 12/24/2019


Snowpack Summary 24/12/2019 What to say about this season’s snowpack? It’s the focus of many conversations I’m having recently, mostly about when we are going to get one. From a